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slider bg slider image Local Governance Practitioners' Forum slider art (LGPF) A functional and active democratic developmental local governance and economic transformation platform in Ghana.

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OPINION PEACE: Managing Municipalities as Businesses
About LGPF

Local Governace Practitioners' Forum

The Local Governance Practitioners Forum (LGPF) is a broad based membership platform that comprises of key institutions of Ghana’s local governance system. The platform provides an inclusive space for diverse policy actors (researchers, central and local policy makers, local governments, private enterprises, bureaucrats, civil society organizations (CSOs), development partners, politicians and political parties, and the media) to share research and practice evidence on democratic and developmental local governance.

LGPF Platform Stakeholders

Citizens and Community Engagements

ILGS, MLG&RG, 1D1F Secretariat, LG Representative, NALAG, Private Enterprises, OHLGSS, Media, Researchers, Political Parties, LOGNET, INCLUDE

Referendum: Partisan Participation in Local Governance

LGPF Focus

Our Main Objectives

Use research and practice to inform the development and effective implementation of two major and programmes in the country and ensure that research evidence informs and advances actions towards design of two new policies and programmes.

Research into local participation and gauging political participation in deepening democracy. Latest research was on citizens' opinion on political participation at the local level.
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The platform has a number of publications of local government and decentralisation focusing on democratic governance as a tool in promoting and deepening accountability.
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LGPF Launch
ILGS, with the support of Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee on Decentralization (IMCC), Dutch Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development, STAR Ghana and other development partners, is hosting the Local Governance Practitioners’ Forum to use research and practice evidence to start a bubble-up approach in local governance.
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Ghana Speaks

Using research to affect policy within the context of local governance and decentralisation.

Decentralisation is a key policy that defines central-local government relations in a country. Since independence,Ghana has practiced deconcentration, a system of decentralization that enables central government agencies to be diffused to the local level without much decision-makingpowers and resources.

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Core Team Members

LGPF Professional Team

The LGPF has a wide range of professionals with varying background helping to execute programmes and projects to achieve results. The team is currently working on various projects including policy briefs and analysis of research results for publication.

Dr. Nicholas Awortwi
Director, ILGS
Mr. David Osei-Wusu
Registrar & Research Fellow
Mr. Felix Agyei Amakye
Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Content Developer & MIS
Media & Publicity
Research Fellow