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The Local Governance Practitioners Forum (LGPF) is a broad based membership platform that comprises of key institutions of Ghana’s local governance system.  The platform provides an inclusive space for diverse policy actors (researchers, central and local policy makers, local governments, private enterprises, bureaucrats, civil society organizations (CSOs), development partners, politicians and political parties, and the media) to share research and practice evidence on democratic and developmental local governance.

The platform is hosted by the Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS) and supported by the Dutch Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development (INCLUDE), STAR Ghana Foundation and the Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee on Decentralization (IMCCoD).  The key objective of the platform is to use research and practice evidence to inform Ghana’s quest for democratic and developmental local governance. The objectives of the platform resonates with two major government policies:

  1. Local economic development
  2. Deepening of democratic decentralization (devolution).

These two policies have the potential to structurally alter local governance system, local economic transformation and inclusiveness in Ghana but can also go wrong if the design and programme implementation are not informed by research evidence on what works and what does not and why. The LGPF platform aims to bring both intellectual and policy discussions back to national agenda, promote new elite and grassroots consensus on democratic and developmental local governance and build policy dialogue towards making their implementations effective.

Through series of high quality research, public seminars, engagements and policy debate and dialogues, the platform provides key stakeholders in the local governance landscape a better understanding and knowledge to inform local governance practices in Ghana.