Office of the Registrar-Brief Statement

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Institute of Local Government Studies

Office of the Registrar

Brief Statement


The Institute’s third multi-year strategic plan (2019-2022), reiterated the mandate of the Institute as a contributor to the qualitative development of the human resource capacity of Ghana. It envisaged total quality management with continuous improvement and organisation-wide performance excellence. It is within this context that the Office of the Registrar exists to deliver world-class administrative services to the Institute’s external and internal publics.

The Office of the Registrar seeks improvement in ways of conducting business for the constituents we serve, and maintaining an environment on campuses of the Institute, which encourages institutional growth and development as well as supports academic work and promotes communications and participation across the various facets of the Institute’s life.

The Office of the Registrar is headed by the Registrar, Mr. David Osei-Wusu.  He attended the University of Ghana and the Maastricht School of Management in The Netherlands where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration in Finance respectively. He has worked with the ILGS team for the past 20 years, first, as a Training Officer (1999-2002); an Administrator (2003-2009) and thereafter, the Registrar of the Institute.

He has qualification experience in organisational development and institutional improvement programmes; participatory planning and budgeting; and fiscal decentralisation. He has performed extensive teaching and consultancy assignments as well as facilitated experience learning sessions in gender statistics and sex disaggregated data methodologies as well as environmental health and sanitation. His recent publications have been in the area of financial resource base of local governments and fiscal decentralisation as well as performance assessment tools for local authorities in Ghana.

Looking into the future, the Registrar seeks to facilitate the on-going institutional improvement programmes that are geared towards the development of the institute’s human capital and overall institutional strategy including physical planning and development of the campuses.

David Osei-Wusu


Distance Learning-ILGS                                                                                


Community of Practice (CoP) is an important tool for deepening learning and sharing experiences of practitioners in the various disciplines and professions. It helps in building networks, encouraging new learning, fostering problem solving to address new challenges and the creation support systems. 

GIZ and ILGS are collaborating to introduce the concept to complement local government capacity building.