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The Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS) is a public management development institution established under an Act of Parliament, 647 of 2003. The Institute was commissioned in 1999 as a project of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development as part of efforts by the Government of Ghana to equip the local government system to play a pivotal role in development and poverty reduction.

The main functions of the Institute as per Section 4 of Act 647 are to:

  • Arrange courses, workshops, seminars and conferences for persons engaged in areas of local governance;
  • Prescribe the qualification of persons eligible for training at the Institute;
  • Undertake and promote research in local government;
  • Develop training materials for members of the Regional Co-ordinating Cuncils, Distric Assemblies, and other local government units;
  • Publish literature relevant to local government;
  • Develop specialized libraries for purposes of local government;
  • Provide consultancy and advisory services to the Central Government, units of local government and any other body that may require those services;
  • Collaborate with national and international institutions of relevance in the performance of its functions;
  • Award certificates, diplomas and higher qualifications as may be agreed upon by the Institute and approved by the national Accreditation Board and
  • Perform other functions assigned to it by the sector Minister



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