ILGS/OHLGS/GSCSP Organises a Capacity Building Workshop on Social Protection

ILGS/OHLGS/GSCSP Organises a Capacity Building Workshop on Social Protection

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The 5-Day customized certificate course on social protection is intended to help participants deepen their understanding of gender, vulnerability and social protection issues as well as analyze , reflect and propose innovative strategies to address emerging challenges. It also aims at discussing the emerging social protection system and enhancing competences of participants to enable them perform their roles and responsibilities effectively.

Ultimately, participants, by the end of the programme, would have been educated on the expectations of their job and demonstrated abilities to address challenges that impinge on their perfomance.

The specific objectives are to:

  • deepen participants understanding of the rationale for social protection and the related concepts of poverty, gender and vulnearability
  • define and explain social protection instruments amd its application in programmes and projects
  • increase institutional capacity and knowledge base to better design, manage and monitor social protection systems
  • analyse, reflect and propose innovative social protection strategies and policies
  • manage the design, coordination and implementation of policies and programmes that expand coverage and improve governance and financing arrangements of Ghana's social protection schemes
  • appreciate the expectations of their job as facilitators or advocates for social protection interventions
  • build networks and mutually share experiences for enhancing their personal and professional development

Programme outputs will include:

  • Training organised for about 35 staff of the MoGCSP at the ILGS
  • Training handouts covering topics with practical case studies and activities documented
  • Training reports indicating the achievements, shortcomings, lessons learned and recommendations for future training events established

The expected outcomes are as follows:

  • A better appreciation of the social protection system
  • Informed and competent officers  who will be able to make useful inputs towards sound social protection interventions
  • An increased understanding of the legislation, policies and regulations guiding social protection in Ghana
  • A deeper understanding of working relationship with other social protection functionaries
  • Officials would have acquire hands-on skills and become proactive in articulating social systems
  • Good practice, attitudes and lessons would have been generated for effective job performance


The modules to be covered would include:

  1. Ghana's Development Context: The Socioeconomic Interventions in Reducing Poverty, Inequality and Vulnerability
  2. Social Policy Design and Planning
  3. Social Protection Concepts, Systems and Instruments
  4. Legislative Arrangements for Social Protection in Ghana
  5. Understanding the Policy Framework for Social Protection in Ghana
  6. Institutional Arrangements for the Implementation of Social Protection Programmes Delivery
  7. Reforms and Innovations to Strengthen Social Protection Delivery
  8. Financing Social Protection
  9. Monitoring and Evaluating Social Protection Programmes
  10. Case Management System and Managing Grievance and Redress Mechanisms
  11. Effective Communication and Writing Skills
  12. Advocacy and Transformative Leadership Skills
  13. Public Financial Management Requirements

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